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Deco Tools, Inc. operations are basically divided into two parts: 1) design and manufacture of automated spray painting equipment, and 2) design and production of the fixtures and masks necessary for each individual job which Deco equipment is used for.

Project Management
We'll see the project through from start to finish. Schedules are strictly maintained to help you start production on time with the best equipment available.

New applications for painting and coating equipment arise on an almost daily basis. Our engineers can design a system that's right for your needs. We can also retrofit older equipment. Instruction manuals are provided to include pneumatic and/or electrical schematics, bill of material, operation and maintenance instructions, and manufacturer's literature of purchased components.

Production Facilities
Deco Tools, Inc. has approximately 30,000 square feet of space that is used for the production of decorative spray masks, fixtures, and high production painting equipment.

Engineer with Robotic Index Table
Engineer with Robotic Index Table
Developed by Deco Tools, Inc.

Aerostar 602-P Photo
Our Aerostar 602-P is used for
Sales, Engineering, and Service

Our engineers and field technicians are available to provide service to install large turnkey installations, assist in large turnkey installations, assist in troubleshooting equipment after installation, and assist in production start up at the customer's facility. We'll travel to your site when necessary even after production has started.

Machine demonstrations are offered at our facility using customer supplied production parts, paint, and tooling for approval prior to shipping.

Records are kept of each job by documenting operations procedures, taking photos, and even videotaping operations of new machines to give you the best support possible.

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