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Deco Tools, Inc. founded in 1955 in Toledo, OH by Elmer Faber, PHD Engineering operates under original management. In 1986 management initiated an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) for employees.

Deco Tools, Inc. has 30,000 square feet used in production of decorative spray masks, fixtures, and automatic high production decorating equipment. Deco Tools, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of automatic equipment for the limited area application of shielding, resist, clear, or color finishes on contoured surfaces.

Deco Tools, Inc. automatic spray decorating equipment is being used by plastic packagers, novelty makers, automotive exterior/interior trim manufacturers, radio-TV industry, appliance industry, cellular phone industry, and computer industry.

Deco Tools, Inc. developments to date include the following:

  • Originated the nickel-electroform mask.

  • Originated the high pressure spray solvent type washer.

  • Developed and patented the high pressure solventless mask washer.

  • Developed and patented combination automatic spray machines and automatic spray washer.

  • Developed and patented the three passage revolving gun mechanism.

  • Developed and patented the index table with robot.

  • Originated high production paint and wipe machines.

  • Originated the automatic flow-coater for vacuum metalizing.
Items produced using Deco Tools, Inc. equipment.
Items Produced Using Deco Tools, Inc. Equipment

Nickel-Electroform Mask
Nickel-Electroform Mask
Originated by Deco Tools, Inc.

Robot with Index Table
Model #79I Robot with Index Table
Developed by Deco Tools, Inc.

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